September 30, 2009

National Punctuation Day Entry (Not Submitted!)

OK, so the first real entry in this blog is going to be about bread. Sorry about that! But here's my potential entry into the National Punctuation Day contest. In this electronic age, I decided it was too complicated to submit an entry (they actually want a sample of the item, the recipe, and *print* photos--who actually gets prints of anything these days?). So I'm just going to post it here for your enjoyment. I love baking bread and find it to be very therapeutic, so despite not officially entering, I had fun with this, and hubby and I are enjoying plenty of French toast as a result. This is a standard challah recipe, by the way, with half wheat flour. See a video on how to make it here.

September 28, 2009

A Spoonful of Sugar...

Welcome to Spoonfoolery...a blog about a spoon, a bowl, and a whole lotta funsense in the kitchen. This blog will pose some questions about food, answer some quandaries about kitchen chemistry, and experiment with all kinds of cooking shenanigans. Let me know if you're pondering anything in particular, but otherwise, grab a spoon and dig in![tm]